Grameenphone flexi plan tips and tricks

Grameenphone flexi plan is really helpful feature if you maintain some tips and tricks. You can easily manage your data plan or talk time plan as your daily Mobile Plans.  You can use flexiplan by mobile application or in web.

If Grameenphone flexi plan is new thing for you, lets discus below or you my directly have a look on the GP flexi plan tips and tricks below.

GP flexi plan details

Using GP flexiplan, you can buy Talk-time minutes, Internet Package or sms service according to your needs for sort time use or log. As you see in the below image you can buy up to 5GB internet and up to 1000m talk-time for maximum 30 days validity.

GP Flexi Plan
GP Flexi Plan

And if you are some one who mostly goes out of internet, sms service could be a good option for you. So, how to get into this service? Yes there is a mobi app at google play store called MyGP or you may visit web at

There is another Mobi Apps of Flexy plan. And you can get mobile app in Google play store.  But I am using MyGP app and I think its good. It has some extra features also that i will discuss in another article.

MyGP Mobile Application
MyGP Mobile Application

So, let have a look on the tips and I will talk about how to in crease validity of data plan as well as minute plan.

GP Flexi Plan tips and tricks

As you already see the mobile planes from GP as flexi plan, What could be our best option? Let us point out step by step. Please be noted that, do not forget to renew your plan before expire. Otherwise, it will vanish all previous data and talk time. To check validity, use MyGP app.

FlexiPlan Validity Tips

For Validity, my suggestion is to choose 7 Days. If you choose 30 Days, it will cost double but by 7 days for every weak you can save a lot. How ? well, after 6 days, you just need to buy the minimum data and minutes for 7 days validity. And it will automatically update the  validity of remaining data and minuets.

Flexi Plan Internet  Validity Tips

For heavy user, 5GB is the best option and don’t buy for 28days, Buy it for 7 days and letter on after 6 days, just you need to spend 11TK to renew for next 7 days. Better do it after every 6 days as if you miss the date, you will miss all remaining data.

Flexi Plan Talk Time Validity Tips

If you are a heavy user, need to talk a lot, choose 1000 Minute.  Now if you are causal user, take the 300 minutes. And  as I told, after 6 day, with in 10TK you can easily extend for next 7 days. Just you need to buy 10 minutes for next 7 days.

MyGP Check Validity
MyGP Check Validity

To see the validity of Your Data Plan, Minutes and SMS. Go to your MyGP and then Click on Available for exam in my case, in the above image, I am having a look on my Talk time .

SMS Service Validity

Within 12 taka, you will get 500 SMS for 28 days. And if you plan less, buy 200 for 5TK. For SMS Service price is same for 7 days or 28 days. So the better validity option for sms is to buy for 28 days. But just before ending the validity, buy a small sms pack, may be 50 for next 28 days and it will add the remain  sms with it.

Flexi Plan mixed bundle

Some time we need both Internet pack and minutes. You can buy both and that will cost less obviously.  For example you are planing for hole  month Package. You will buy 5GB  internet and 300m talk-time.  Nor for 5GB internet with 7day validity is 223.75TK and 300m for 97.16 TK If you buy separately. And total cost 223.75+97.16 = 320.91.

But if you buy both together,it will cost 315.06TK. And same thing for next 7 days renewal.  20MB for with 7 days is 10.23TK and 10m talktime for 7.91TK. But both 14.61TK for next 7 days.

So your one month plan could be 315.06TK for 5GB internet and 300m Talktime for seven days and after that, every weak 14.61 TK to renew the validity with 10m talktime and 20MB internet data.


    1. One day pack is also okay. But you have to have a look on it every day. that’s sometime a issue. I usually use 7 day validity for all the service except SMS. For SMS Service, for for 28 days as the price is same.

  1. If I use a talk time + Data + sms pack for 30 days and then before it ends, I renew the pack on 29 days, will it be added on with the remaining pack ?

    1. Yes, But it’s costly. better go for 7 days, set alarm on your phone to remind your after 6 days to renew.
      And for sms, go for 30 days validity as it has same price for 7 days as well as 30 days. I personally take 7 day pack and after 6 day. I renew my Internet and Talk-time with a small amount of data and talk-time.

      1. I keep commenting but it doesn’t show so I say here again. If my balance valid shows 0 days, will buying more data on this day make my old remaining Data validity renew with same validity as new data? Or does it have to be done when validity is 1 day left? because I did it when it was 0 days and it shows 2 different balances with 2 different validity.

        1. We are not authorized to confirm this. But according to my last experience, I bought 2GB 2 day data pack of GP and after reactive ( before expiring previous data, it was showing 0 days ) it did not extend data pack.

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