How to get a b c d in Excel – increment alphabet in excel

In Excel, we can easily write 1 2 3 4 … but about increment alphabet in excel ! It is a bit different then number.  So, how to get a b c d in excel ? I mean sequential letter in excel ? Well, there are some way and lets have a look on how to get sequential letter in excel.

How to get a b c d in excel

You may have a look on the video tutorial about the topic but down below, we have text based tutorial also.

Text based tutorial to get sequential letter in excel

Using Autofill, we can get sequential number like 1 2 3 4 5 …

Using Autofill get sequential number
Using Autofill get sequential number

Now if you try with a  and b as autofill, you will get a b a b a b …  Actually those are text and that is why now coming sequentially like number. But if you write =CHAR(65)  in any cell, it will return A. Similarly if you try with = CHAR(66), it will return B. And if you try with CHAR(91)

What if we put the number 65 in any cell and use that cell by CHAR function? Yes,  it will also return A. So, using autofill, we can easily generate 65 to 91 in a single row

So, we can easily use CHAR function of excel to generate Character form number. In any cell (in case of me F2 cell), write 65 and in the next cell type 66. And using autofill, generate till 90. Now in the next column, in Cell G2 cell, type =CHAR(F2) and enter, you will have A. Now again click to G2 cell and using autofill, drag down till  G27 and you will A to Z character.

get a b c d in excel
Get character form number in excel get a b c d in excel

Down below a video of 16 seconds  to show you how to work with auto fill to get Sequential letter in excel.

We have successfully get A to Z for number 65 to 90. for a to z , we have work with 97 to 122 because CHAR(97) will return small a. And the process same like above.  But the problem is those A to Z or a to z still depends on number and function based. So lets see how to make then free form number.

We will copy the character  A to Z and paste then as value. This will remove the dependency. So, in case of me, I copy G2 to G27 cell and right click on A2 Cell. And then choose Values as Paste Options.

Paste as Values
Paste as Values

This time, in A2 cell, those alphabets are just value. Now generated using any function. So, you can use them any where.

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