How to write Bangla in Facebook

How to write Bangla in Facebook

Writing Bangla on Facebook not difficult. It is very easy to write Bangla in Facebook and today I will let you know how to do that in an easy way.  We will talk both for Mobile and Computer about how to write Bangla in messenger or FB.

Way to write Bangla in Facebook

Since people use Facebook in Mobile devices mostly now a days, we will talk first about how to write Bangla in Android Phone. You may use Default Bangla Keyboard on your Smartphone or use Bangla Keyboard Apps like ridmik bangla keyboard.

Bangla in Facebook

Bangla in Facebook

How to write Bangla on Facebook in android mobile

If you are familiar with Phonetic Keyboard Layout, RIdmik Keyboard will a good option. If now, again it will be best for you as it is very easy to use 🙂

To download, Ridmik Keyboard, go to Google Play Store and type Redmik. (Need Play Store account?  See how to open  Google Play Store), If everything goes well, you will have like below.

Ridmik Keyboard Write Bangla in Android

Ridmik Keyboard Write Bangla in Android

Install and follow the setup guideline by then and set Ridmik as the Default key Board. It has 3 Different Layout and they are English, অভ্র and প্রভাত । Redmik English Layout used to type English and on the other hand, Avro and Provat are used to type Bangla in Android Phone.

Change Keyboard Layout in Ridmik Bangla Keyboard

Change Keyboard Layout in Ridmik Bangla Keyboard

Slide The space bar Left or Right to change Keyboard Layout. অভ্র is actually working as Avro Phonetic Layout. That means if you type “amar”, it will write “আমার” or “amader” will bring “আমাদের”.

And with Probhat Keyboard Layout, you will have Bangla Letters like below.

Probhat Keyboard Layout

Probhat Keyboard Layout

In Phonetic Layout, a Joint letter will come itself based on the English character you are typing. But in the case of Probhat Layout, you have to use হসন্ত to join two or more letter. See Full Bangla Joint Letter list

Android Default Bangla Keyboard

If you plan not to install an additional app, you can go for the default Bangla Keyboard layout of your android phone. Let us see how to do that.

First, you have to activate that keyboard layout.

How to write Bangla on FB from iPhone

You may use Ridmik Keyboard for iPhone or use default Bangla Keyboard. But you have to have an up to date os and at least iOS 8.1

lets us see the Instructions to write Bangla on iPhone with the default Bangla Keyboard.

Go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add New Keyboard

Once you are there, Select Bangla. Now go to Facebook or anywhere in your device and start typing. Use Globe Icon to switch Language.

Type Bangla in Compter

There is two commonly used Bangal keyboard for desktop or Laptop computer. One is Avro and the other one is Bijoy. We have both and please see below to learn how to type Bangla with Avro Keyboard.

বাংলা লিখবো কিভাবে – Bangla Likhbo kivabe

How to write bangla using Bijoy on FB

how to write bangla in facebook using bijoy bayanno? Well, we have a full totorial with vidoe about how to type Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard. See belwo

How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

Hope you heave go an Idea about how to write bengali in whatsapp and Facebook

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