How to write bangla in ms word

How to write bangla in ms word

Do you know how many people speak Bengali? Around 230 Million people speak Bengali and today We will learn How to write Bangla in ms word.  We will use Microsoft Office with Windows 10. So, let us see how to write Bengali in ms word windows 10.  But in the same way, you can write Bangla in Windows 7.

Before going to start, let us know what is MS Word?

MS Word is a short form of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a Word Processing Program of Microsoft Corporation and mostly use to create letters, documents, and documentary related soft work. If you want to learn MS Word in Bangla, we have many tutorials about this Word processing program.  Have a look at মাইক্রোসফট ওয়ার্ড

Well, now we have an idea about MS word. let us know how to type Bengali word in computer.

how to write bangla

how to write bangla

How to write Bangla in ms word

To write English, we use the build-in Computer Keyboard Layout, But to write Bengali in Computer, we need to use a third-party keyboard.  Avro and Bijoy Keyboard are the most popular Bengali typing keyboard layout. Though, now a day Avro Keyboard getting more popular as it is free.

Now there will a question, which keyboard you should use?

Well, if you wark in a print media, Bijoy Keyboard will be a good option for you as it uses ANSI encoding. Also, Bijoy has a lot of font-variant and options that will help you to make different types of Text Designing.  But it is not free, you have to buy it or you know what to do.

Avro Keyboard also has such capability but you will have fewer options for font-variant. But nowadays, as I informed, Avro getting more priority and also offering a few unique font options.

If you plan to work on Web Media or simply wants to keep a document in MS Word, you can use Avor with pleaser, its easy to write with Avro man 🙂 and you don’t have to pay. We will talk about both options. And by default Avro use Unicode fonts. We can use ANSI encoding in Avro.

No, to write in MS Word, you have to open Microsoft Word Program in your Computer and then choose which keyboard you will use.

How to write Banga with Bijoy Keyboard

To write Bengali using Bijoy Key Board, we have a dedicated post with a video tutorial. We recommend you to have a look at How to write Bengali with Bijoy Key Board

How to write Bangla with Bijoy Keyboard

How to write Bangla in ms word using Avro

First, you need to install this third party Windows App from Omicron Lab.  Avro supports Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Also, you install it as portable software in a USB stick.

Avro itself has 6 different Keyboard layout 🙂 But, as a bigger, Avro Phonetic (English to Bangla) will be a good choice. I use Avro Easy that bring different letters based on different keypress like Bijoy.


Multiple Avro Keyboard Layouts

Let us see how to write with Avro Phonetic (English to Bangla). Its very simple, you just need to type Bangla words in English spelling like “amar” for আমার.

Switch English to Bangla or BN to EN in Avor Keyboard

By default, after installing, Avro keyboard appears Top Right corner of your screen. And by deflated F12 (Function Key) act as a Switcher Key from English to Bangla and alternative. Or you can switch Language by Clicking Button at Avro Keyboard Bar.

English to Bangla Avro Keyboard

English to Bangla Avro Keyboard

So, press F12 or click on that English button shown above and start typing Bangla. In  Phonetic Layout, sometimes right Bangla word may not come but you will have a suggestion to choose. For Example, if we type “tomar”, it will bring তমার and at the same time, we will have a suggestion for তোমার. See the below image.

Bangla in Avro Phonetic

Bangla in Avro Phonetic

You just have to pic the right word and it will insert into MS word or where ever you are writing.

Like Bijoy, we have also a dedicated post about how to type Bangla with Avro Keyboard at বাংলা লিখবো কিভাবে – Bangla Likhbo kivabe

বাংলা লিখবো কিভাবে – Bangla Likhbo kivabe

how to add Bangla font in ms word

You do not need to change the font if you use Avro keyboard as it will be done automatically by Avro. But if you use Bijoy Key Board, you have to add Bangla font in ms word manually. We have shown that way also in the same post of Bijoy.

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