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Hugo asked 5 years ago

Hi!  I have set up ads in AMP version by following your tutorial in here.  However, as my site is full of table in everypost, sometimes the ads end up inside a table.  How can I make the ads not display inside the table?
An example of my website AMP version: https://howtostudycantonese.com/unit-1-lesson-3-verb-and-predicate-suffix%EF%BC%88%F0%A1%81%B5%EF%BC%89/amp/
Thank you for your help!

Hugo sum replied 5 years ago

Please check our AMP in this link, as we have disabled AMP in our site for testing now.

Our staging site: https://staging1.howtostudycantonese.com/unit-1-lesson-3-verb-and-predicate-suffix%EF%BC%88%F0%A1%81%B5%EF%BC%89/amp/