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Hugo asked 1 year ago

Hi!  I have set up ads in AMP version by following your tutorial in here.  However, as my site is full of table in everypost, sometimes the ads end up inside a table.  How can I make the ads not display inside the table?
An example of my website AMP version: https://howtostudycantonese.com/unit-1-lesson-3-verb-and-predicate-suffix%EF%BC%88%F0%A1%81%B5%EF%BC%89/amp/
Thank you for your help!

Hugo sum replied 12 months ago

Please check our AMP in this link, as we have disabled AMP in our site for testing now.

Our staging site: https://staging1.howtostudycantonese.com/unit-1-lesson-3-verb-and-predicate-suffix%EF%BC%88%F0%A1%81%B5%EF%BC%89/amp/