Ramadan 2021 Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2021

Ramadan in Bangladesh is a big thing like other Muslim countries. Around 80% people of Bangladesh are Muslim. And now we will have a look at the Possible  Ramadan 2021 Bangladesh date and calendar. See 1st Ramadan 2021 in Bangladesh.

In this post, you will get the answer of What is the start date of Ramadan 2021 in Bangladesh. Or When and which month Ramadan 2021 will start this year. Also, you may be seeking for what is the Ifter time today or Sehri Time today. And I believe, you will all your required info about Ramadan 2021, BD.

If you need Ramada time of today, see the below table of this post about the Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar. We believe this will be a great Ramadan like before.

Ramadan calendar 2021 Bangladesh

Last year, Ramadan came on 25 April 2020. But this year, Ramadan will come on 13 April or 14 April 2021.  It depends on Moon. So, if the New Moon appears on 13 April, Ramadan will start on 13 And if it is 14 April, Ramadan of 2021 will start 14 April  2021.

Ramadan 2021 Bangladesh
Ramadan 2021 Bangladesh

Possible Ramadan Start time in Bangladesh

This year, Ramadan Start time is the morning of 13 April 2021.

  • Ramadan will start on Tuesday, April 13
  • And ends in the evening of Thursday,  May 13

Nowadays people often search Sehri and Iftar time of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have a full 64 district Iftar and Sahri timing for every day. We have Sahri Ifter Timing of every District of Bangladesh.

Daily Basis Sahri Ifter Calender

Above is the daily basis Ramadan Calendar of Bangladesh. The time is of Dhaka District only and if you need to see the Ramadan time of your own District, we recommend you to have a look at kivabe.com/ramadan/

Ramadan Timing of 2021 is under construction and will be added very soon to this page.  Till then, hope you will stay with us. And you already have a daily basis Sahri and ifter time on the above small table.

We have a daily Namaz time calendar also for 64 districts of Bangladesh.

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