How to get Banglalink emergency balance

Banglalink is a well known mobile phone operator in Bangladesh and today we will let you know how to get emergency balance in Banglalink. There is a banglalink emergency balance code to get that Advance Balance.

banglalink emergency balance
Banglalink emergency balance

Banglalink emergency balance code

Banglalink themselves call it as Banglalink Advance.  and they offer upto TK 100 as Advance Balance.   Now, to take that emergency balance of Banglalink, you have to dial *874#

Advance Balance Code :  *874#

The minimum amount of Advance balance is TK 10  and maximum TK 100. It depend on your usage. This balance can be used in any purpose but with a limited validity. When you will researcher your phone, that loan amount will automatically deduct form your current balance.

Another  note is that if your balance more then TK 5 , you will not get that loan amount. If should be 5 or less then 5.

If you already using Advance balance and not recharged yet, you will not get another emergence balance. So, first you have to back the load amount and then you can clam the next Advance Balance.

Check remaining emergency balance

Well, you already taken advance balance from banglalink and its time to check the remaining loam amount. To know the remaining loan balance after using, you need to dial *874*0#

Check emergency balance code : *874*0#

So, enjoy your Banglalink when you need to manage some emergency situation 🙂

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