Islamic foundation Ramadan calendar 2021

Islamic Foundation is a  Government Organization under the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Bangladesh. Islamic Foundation regulates or releases the Ramadan calendar as well as the Namaz Calendar of Bangladesh. In this article, we will focus on the Islamic foundation Ramadan calendar 2021

2021 Ramadan calendar Bangladesh

List last year, Islamic Foundation has published Ramadan calendar 2021. And it was published as a printed copy may be on Notice board of baitul mukarram mosque. And based on that, we have prepared A new calendar that will show you every Zilla wise Sahri and Iftar time of BD.

** We are updating our Web App and Android App based on New Ramadan Calendar. But still our web and android app showing daily sahri ifter time based on Namaz time.

Also, we have an Android Application for the Daily Sahri Iter time of Bangladesh 

Let us have a look at the Ramadan timing of the Islamic Foundation.

Islamic Foundation Ramadan calendar 2021

As you already noticed, it is a printed Ramadan calendar that we have uploaded as an image. But we recommend you to use our Android App as it has every district switch option. And easily you will find your local sahri and ifter time.

Islamic foundation Ramadan calendar 2021
Islamic foundation Ramadan calendar 2021

According to IFBD, this year Ramadan will start on 14 April. But it depends on Moon. So Ramadan date may be changed based on Moon. This Ramadan time calendar was published on 13 March 2021. It is only for Dhaka District. And time differences are as before. We are adding that as well in below.

Like last year, we are going to fast this year with the Corona Covid-19 situation. Allah, please help us and keep us safe from this corona pandemic. And dear all my honorable reades,  please wear a face mask and follow all health guidlines in this covid pandemic.

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