Smallest Pocket Laptop Computer – Raspberry Pi 3

You will say, I have my Smart Phone and that is also a computer. Yes, but it’s a different one with different flavor. But today, we will discuss about a very small computer that you can carry on your Pocket and run any OS as you want. It’s a credit card sized computer.

Yes, very small computer like your credit card. It’s a mini desktop or may be your Pocket Laptop Computer.  Well, the product name is Raspberry Pi, it’s a project to provide computer as much as low price by Raspberry Pi Foundation.   They are a charity foundation based on UK.

Here is a video about how you can make a pocket laptop.

Video taken from GearBest.

In 2012, Raspberry Pi come first. And it has some updated features. It looks like below image.


Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Let’s see what we will get inside of raspberry pi 3 model b.

Configuration of Raspberry Pi 3

We will talk about  hardware configuration of this small pc, raspberry pi 3 b.

Main Features

  • Build in WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth
  • LPDDR2 Ram, 1GB
  • Chip Antenna
  • Adopt video-core IV dual-core or Quad core multimedia processor 64 bit
  • Supports all the latest ARM GNU or Linux distributions and Windows 10 IoT
  • Micro USB power supply connector
  • 4 USB port of USB 2
  • LAN card, 10/100
  • 40 Pin Extended GPIO ( General Purpose input output )
  • DSI (Display Serial Interface )
  • Micro SD card slot ( will be used as main storage for OS and other storage purpose )
  • Full size HDMI
  • CSI Camera Port
  • 3.5 Audio input output

What else we need ?

Well, the main PC has no case, its a combed board with all the features mentioned above. And already you have seen the image that there has no case. So, we need some extra or may be you can use without any case. But defiantly you need to have 2 heat sink for two main chip.

heat sink for Raspberry pi 3 b
heat sink for Raspberry pi 3 b

A Raspberry Pi Protective Shell Box, it could be transparent or black or some other colors.

Raspberry Pi Protective Shell Box

Micro SD Card

Also need a Micro SD  Card to run OS and get space for other files. At least 16 GB Required , but it will be better if you have higher capacity of memory. And make sure you SD Card fast enough, otherwise you will experience slow speed.

How to power up ?

As you already noticed, it has micro USB power port. we can easily use our mobile phone charger. And also , you can use Mobile Phone power backup to run this small desktop PC.

Asus USB Mobile Chargers
Asus USB Mobile Chargers

And you can buy cheap laptop bags or case for your small computer

How to Setup OS in Raspberry Pi 3 ?

see the below video to install operating system in the Micro SD card.

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