Banglalink internet offer 2018 – All new internet offer

Bangnlalink internet offer and internet package are the topic now we gonna share with you now. Like GrameenPhone and Robi, Banglalink (In short also know as BL ) also serving 4G Internet Service. And they offer several new internet pack in this year 2018. So, lets have a look on Banglalink internet offer 2018 – All Banglalink internet offer new.

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Banglalink internet offer 2018 for New SIM

If you just buy a new Banglalink SIM, A charming offer waiting for you as below.

  • 1GB instant bonus Internet Pack whit 15 days validity
  • if you recharge 23 Taka with in the first 15 days, you will be a change to buy 1GB internet in TK 9 with 7 days validity. But you have to recharge 9 taka additionally to avail that 1GB internet Pack.
  • You can get 1GB 9 TK pack up to 11 times and once every 15 days.
  • daily Maximum uses limit 350 MB
  • Dial *5000*109# to check internet data pack balance.
  • Also you can get 5GB Instant Internet if only @ TK 222 with 30 Days validity only as a first time recharge.

Unlimited BL internet Offer 2018 4 hour at Tk 19

At TK 19, Banglalink offer Unlimited internet for 4 consecutive hour, means once you active this offer, it will last for next 4 hour. But there is a fair usage policy as always 🙂 Data will be 128kbps speed after 1GB usage 🙂

To active this internet data offer, dial #5000*773# and validity 4 hour.

So that was really good Banglalink internet offer and affordable as something we need heavy internet for a limited time frame.

Conditional 2.5 GB data at Tk 5

Yes, it is a conditional offer of bl as first you need to buy 2.5GB internet with Taka 129 and again recharge tK 5 or Dial   *5000*555# to  get extra 2.5 GB data With Validity of 7 days. It is actually buy and get double offer of Banlgalink as this is not just for TK 129 pack. Same offer for some other pack as below table.

Volume & ValidityPriceBonus on Tk 5Activation
500 MB , 7 DaysTK 49500 MBDial *5000*588# or Recharge TK 49
1.5 GB , 7 DaysTK 991.5 GBDial *5000*799# or Recharge TK 99
2.5 GB ,  7 DaysTK 1922.5 GBDial *5000*577# or Recharge TK 129
1.5 GB , 30 DaysTK 2091.5 GBDial *5000*581# or Recharge TK 209
3.0 GB , 30 DaysTK 3993.0 GBDial *5000*599# or Recharge TK 399

So, choice is yours, for 7 days or 30 days. Every pack in above table will Double if recharge extra TK 5 or Diay *5000*555#  

The extra data validity is exactly as the main Internet pack you bought. 5 TK internet offer will activate after taking the main data pack.

There are some more offer. But I found these are the most attractive and affordable data plan from Banglalink.

Some Regular Banglalink Internet Pack

Data VolumeValidityUSSD CodePriceAuto Renewal
9 MB(Regular)1 Day*5000*513#3/=Yes
50 MB(Regular)1 Day*5000*543#13/=Yes
150 MB(Regular)7 Day*5000*522#26/=Yes
250 MB (Regular)7 Day*5000*501#36/=Yes
250 MB(Regular)30 Day*5000*585#47/=Yes
750 MB(Regular)30 Day*5000*503#119/=Yes
1.5 GB(Regular)30 Day*5000*581#209/=Yes
3GB(Regular)30 Day*5000*599#399/=Yes
5GB(Regular)30 Day*5000*508#499/=Yes
25GB(Regular)30 Day*5000*510#1,799/=Yes

Note*: As always, we are trying to show you up to date data. And we are here only sharing data from Banglalink Website. They can change any offer any time and we are not responsible for any data loss. You are highly recommended to check out Banglalink website for latest updates and terms and conditions for your best internet data pack. And Please be noted, is not accessible and/or may be not a website from Banglalink.


  1. I want to sitting data connection on my android set in banglalink new sim,so I have to need all kinds of information on this operator,like how can I know my account,how can I know data connection sitting,how can I know data balance etc?

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