GP internet offer 2018 – all new internet offers of grameenphone

Welcome to 2018 and today we will talk about GP internet offer 2018. As you know,  there are few offer by Grameenphone BD for internet package as well as talk time. You may have a look on Grameenphone flexi plan tips and tricks  also. Now, let us have a look on gp internet package list as below. You may have a look on how to control Android Phone from Laptop or Desktop

GP internet offer 2018

Let us see the latest internet service offer of gp as below.

1GB at 18TK

A new offer of 1GB internet pack offered by GP is only at 18 BDT until next notice 🙂 Well the validity is very less, only for 8h, But really it’s a good deal for heavy internet users.  Activation code is


2GB at 38TK

2GB internet pack offered by GP is only at 38BDT until next notice 🙂 Well the validity is very less, only for 2 Days, it’s a good deal for heavy internet users when they are in a tour.  Activation code is


This internet pack has no auto renewal feature and to check internet balance, you need to dial *121*1*4#

250MB internet Pack offer  – 31TK

One of the small GP internet pack is 250MB pack that have 3days (activation day + 2 days ) validity. It will cost TK 31. To if you think you need this, dial below code with your grameenphone sim


We have added more small pack inter pack details below at small internet package.

1GB internet Pack offer  – 94TK

You can avail 1GB ( 1024 MB ) internet pack with 7days validity package TK 94. Additionally you will have 7 sms. To activate this data pack, keep TK 94 in your account and then dial the activation code as  below


Check internet balance by dialing *121*1*4# and dial *121*3041# to cancel the offer.  This is applicable for all offer.

Please be noted that, after expiration of validity, you will be charged Tk 1.22 per MB

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2GB internet Pack offer  – 129TK

To get the 2GB (2048 MB) internet service of GP, you have to pay only 129TK and the validity of this package is again 7 day with 7 SMS. To active this data pack use the below activation code


Same like above, after expiration , you will be charged Tk 1.22 per MB.

4GB internet Pack offer  – 179TK

If you are a bit heavy user and almost all the time travel over inter, this could be a good option for you. Within 179 TK, you will get 4GB ( 4096 MB ) data for 7 days.  Activation code as below


6GB internet Pack – 219TK

Another internet deals  for heavy internet users.  You can get the best internet deal with only 219 TK for 7 days as GP offered. To activate this data pack, you need to dial


GP Recharge Internet Packs

Gramophone instant recharge internet data pack recharge amount, data pack  and validity list as below. To avail this data package, you just need to recharge your GP connection accordingly.


Data Pack Validity Recharge TK
30 MB 3 days 12 TK
60 MB 3 days 22 TK
250 MB 3days (Active day + 2 Days) 31 TK
75 MB 7 days 37 TK
100 MB 30 days 56 TK
1 GB 7 Days 94 TK
1.5 GB 7 Days 104 TK
250 MB  28 days 119 TK
2 GB  7 days 129 TK
500 MB  28 days 149 TK
4 GB 7 days 179 TK
1.5 GB 28 days 229 TK
2 GB 28 days 337 TK
3 GB 28 days 427 TK
5 GB 28 days 609 TK

GP small internet package

Let us have a look on some of small package of GP internet. If you face problem with HEIC image in your iPhone, may have a look on how to convert HEIC to JPG.

Package Validity Activation Code
4MB at 2.5 TK 2 days *121*3002#
35MB at 18TK 7 days *121*3003#
60MB at 22TK 3 days *121*3029#
100MB at 56TK 30 days *121*3005#
250MB at 119TK 28 days *121*3006#
500MB at 149TK 28 days *121*3007#

Heavy internet package

Following are some of the heavy internet pack with 28 days validity.

Package Validity Activation Code
1.5GB at 229 TK 28 days *121*3027#
2GB at 337 TK 28 days *121*3009#
3GB at 337 TK 28 days *121*30010#
5GB at 609 TK 28 days *121*30012#
10GB at 1157 TK 28 days *121*30013#

** Note **
We  are here just sharing the information from GP. And always try to share updated data. but better visit grameenphone website for more accurate details.

Hope you will find your best option from the above. Enjoy your high-speed internet with gp bd.

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    1. 9-20 taka GP Inter offer may available if your SIM not active for a log time.
      There is a 9 taka 1GB internet offer. But to avail you need to buy a new SIM as per Grameephone new sim offer. And the vailidity of that 9 taka 1GB offer is only 7 days.

    1. 1GB at 16TK

      A new offer of 1GB internet pack offered by GP is only at 16 BDT until next notice ? Well the validity is very less, only for 12h, But really it’s a good deal for heavy internet users. Activation code is


      This internet pack has no auto renewal feature and to check internet balance, you need to dial *121*1*4#

  1. ai offer ta ki available ?
    kivabe nibo ?
    1gb 18 taka diye ?
    aktu bolen pls…..
    aikhane dekhlam ami: https://

    1. No Idea, এখন তো কেউ এম এম এস ইউজ করে বলে মনে হয়না ।

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