md.quamrul hasan sarkar asked 5 years ago

What is data entry?How does done data entry?i want to know about data entry full.

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Md Shariar Sarkar Staff answered 5 years ago

What is Data entry ?
Entering Data into any type of Form or in Spread Sheet Program Like Excel is call Data Entry. It’s sometime into Word file also. Main Concept is if we put data into any file or form is called data entry.
How does done data entry?
As I explain above, it is done by entering data into somewhere as per instruction. Now, let us know what we need to do the job.
Well, you have a have a good skill of Typing and knowledge about MS Excel as well as Web forms. You may have a look on out Typing Guideline at  ইংরেজী টাইপ করার নিয়ম এবং লিখার গতি বাড়ানোর নিয়ম and  মাইক্রোসফট এক্সেল 

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