What is Spectrum of a analog signal wave?

Mim asked 6 years ago

I tried to find this topic in youtube, wikipedia  and so many  other sites but I can’t find this topic. If I found then these are very difficult to me and I can’t understand anything. This is very important to me and very urgent. Please Help me. 

Md. Azharul Islam replied 6 years ago

Mr. Mim,
In the answer of your question….

It refers a range over which some measurable property of a physical phenomenon, such as the frequency of sound or electromagnetic radiation, or the mass of specific kinds of particles, can carry. Similar to a rainbow which is an spectrum of lights…Lights of different colors, hues and also different frequencies..
Ref: Continuous & Discrete Signals and Systems by Samir S. Soliman

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Md Shariar Sarkar Staff answered 6 years ago

Thanks to Md. Azharul Islam  🙂

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