Mim asked 12 months ago

I tried to find this topic in youtube, wikipedia  and so many  other sites but I can’t find this topic. If I found then these are very difficult to me and I can’t understand anything. This is very important to me and very urgent. Please Help me. 

Md. Azharul Islam replied 12 months ago

Mr. Mim,
In the answer of your question….

It refers a range over which some measurable property of a physical phenomenon, such as the frequency of sound or electromagnetic radiation, or the mass of specific kinds of particles, can carry. Similar to a rainbow which is an spectrum of lights…Lights of different colors, hues and also different frequencies..
Ref: Continuous & Discrete Signals and Systems by Samir S. Soliman

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Md Shariar Sarkar Staff answered 11 months ago

Thanks to Md. Azharul Islam  🙂

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